Transcriptomic analysis of grapevine Dof transcription factor gene family in response to cold stress and functional analyses of the VaDof17d gene

作  者:Wang ZM, Wang Y, Tong Q, Xu GZ, Xu ML, Li HY, Fan PG, Li SH*, Liang ZC*
卷:253  期:2  页码:55


DNA-binding with one finger (Dof) proteins comprise a large family that plays important roles in the regulation of abiotic stresses. No in-depth analysis of Dof genes has been performed in the grapevine. In this study, we analyzed a total of 25 putative Dof genes in grapevine at genomic and transcriptomic levels, compiled expression profiles of 11 selected VaDof genes under cold stress and studied the potential function of the VaDof17d gene in grapevine calli. The 25 Dof proteins can be classified into four phylogenetic groups. RNA-seq and qRT-PCR results demonstrated that a total of 11 VaDof genes responded to cold stress. Comparative mRNA sequencing of 35S::VaDof17d grape calli showed that VaDof17d was tightly associated with the cold-responsive pathway and with the raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFOs), as observed by the up-regulation of galactinol synthase (GolS) and raffinose synthase genes. We found that the Dof17d-ED (CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of Dof17d-ED) mutant had low cold tolerance with a decreased RFOs level during cold stress. These results formed the fundamental knowledge for further analysis of the biological roles of Dof genes in the grapevine’s adaption to cold stresses.