Analysis of the changes of electron transfer and heterogeneity of photosystem II in Deg1-reduced Arabidopsis plants

作  者:Wen XG, Yang ZP, Ding SH, Yang HX, Zhang LX, Lu CM*, Lu QT *
刊物名称:Photosynthesis Research
卷:  期:  页码:DOI: 10.1007/s11120-021-00842-2


Deg1 protease functions in protease and chaperone of PSII complex components, but few works were performed to study the effects of Deg1 on electron transport activities on the donor and acceptor side of PSII and its correlation with the photoprotection of PSII during photoinhibition. Therefore, we performed systematic and comprehensive investigations of electron transfers on the donor and acceptor sides of photosystem II (PSII) in the Deg1-reduced transgenic lines deg1-2 and deg1-4. Both the maximal quantum efficiency of PSII photochemistry (Fv/Fm) and the actual PSII efficiency (ΦPSII) decreased significantly in the transgenic plants. Increases in nonphotochemical quenching (NPQ) and the dissipated energy flux per reaction center (DI0/RC) were also shown in the transgenic plants. Along with the decreased D1, CP47, and CP43 content, these results suggested photoinhibition under growth light conditions in transgenic plants. Decreased Deg1 caused inhibition of electron transfer on the PSII reducing side, leading to a decline in the number of QB-reducing centers and accumulation of QB-nonreducing centers. The Tm of the Q band shifted from 5.7 °C in the wild-type plant to 10.4 °C and 14.2 °C in the deg1-2 and deg1-4 plants, respectively, indicating an increase in the stability of S2QAˉ in transgenic plants. PSIIα in the transgenic plants largely reduced, while PSIIβ and PSIIγ increased with the decline in the Deg1 levels in transgenic plants suggesting PSIIα centers gradually converted into PSIIβ and PSIIγ centers in the transgenic plants. Besides, the connectivity of PSIIα and PSIIβ was downregulated in transgenic plants. Our results reveal that downregulation of Deg1 protein levels induced photoinhibition in transgenic plants, leading to loss of PSII activities on both the donor and acceptor sides in transgenic plants. These results give a new insight into the regulation role of Deg1 in PSII electron transport.