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Pollen spectrum, a cornerstone for tracing the evolution of the eastern Central Asian desert
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Lu KQ, Xie G, Li M, Li JF, Trivedi A, Ferguson DK, Yao YF*, Wang YF*
PubYear : 2018
Volume : 186  Issue : 
Publication Name : Quaternary Science Reviews
Page number : 111-122
Abstract : 

The temperate desert in arid Central Asia (ACA) has acted as a thoroughfare for the ancient Silk Road and today's Belt and Road, linking economic and cultural exchanges between East and West. The interaction between human sustainable development and the dynamic change in the desert ecosystem in this region is an area of concern for governments and scientific communities. Nevertheless, the lack of a pollen spectrum of the dominant taxa within the temperate desert vegetation and a corresponding relation between pollen assemblages and specific desert vegetation types is an obstacle to further understanding the formation and maintenance of this desert ecosystem. In this work, we link pollen assemblages to specific desert vegetation types with a new pollen spectrum with specific pollen grains, specific plant taxa and related habitats, providing a solid foundation for further tracing the evolution of the desert ecosystem in eastern arid Central Asia.

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