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Long term effect of nitrogen addition on understory community in a Chinese boreal forest
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Xing AJ, Xu LC, Shen HH*, Du EZ, Liu XY, Fang JY
PubYear : 2019
Volume : 646  Issue : 
Publication Name : Science of The Total Environment
Page number : 989-995
Abstract : 

Increasing atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition is an important driver of biodiversity change. By conducting an eight-year N addition experiment (0, 20, 50 and 100 kg N ha-1 yr-1), we investigated the long-term effect of simulated N deposition on understory species composition and richness in a boreal forest, northeast China. We found that moss cover decreased significantly with increasing N addition. N addition had no significant effect on vascular plants species richness but changed the plant community composition. The relative coverage of evergreen shrubs decreased, while that of graminoids increased under high-level N addition (100 kg N ha-1 yr-1). Under the high-level N treatment, Deyeuxia angustifoliacover increased significantly after 4 years, while that of Vaccinium vitis-idaea decreased significantly after 3 years and almost disappeared after 5 years. The negative effect of N addition on mosses and evergreen shrubs accumulated over time, while the positive effect on graminoids increased during the first 4 years and did not change significantly thereafter. Our results suggest that the effect of N deposition varies across functional groups and shifts over time.

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