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Diversification in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: Orchidinae (Orchidaceae) clades exhibiting pre-adaptations play critical role
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Lai YJ, Han Y, Schuiteman A, Chase MW, Xu SZ, Li JW, Wu JY, Yang BY*, Jin XH*
PubYear : 2021
Volume : 157  Issue : 
Publication Name : Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
Page number : 107062
Abstract : We explore the origins of the extraordinary plant diversity in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) using Orchidinae (Orchidaceae) as a model. Our results indicate that six major clades in Orchidinae exhibited substantial variation in the temporal and spatial sequence of diversification. Our time-calibrated phylogenetic model suggests that the species-richness of Orchidinae arose through a combination of in situ diversification, colonisation, and local recruitment. There are multiple origins of species-richness of Orchidinae in the QTP, and pre-adaptations in clades from North Temperate and alpine regions were crucial for in situ diversification. The geographic analysis identified 29 dispersals from Asia, Africa and Europe into the QTP and 15 dispersals out. Most endemic species of Orchidinae evolved within the past six million years.
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