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OsMADS14 and NF-YB1 cooperate in the direct activation of OsAGPL2 and Waxy during starch synthesis in rice endosperm
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Feng TT, Wang LL, Li LY, Liu Y, Chong K, Theissen G*, Meng Z*
PubYear : 2022
Volume : 234  Issue : 1
Publication Name : New Phytologist
Page number : 77-92
Abstract : 

Starch synthesis makes a dramatic contribution to the yield and nutritional value of cereal crops. Although several starch synthesis enzymes and related regulators have been reported, the underlying regulatory mechanisms of starch synthesis remain largely unknown.

OsMADS14 is a FRUITFULL (FUL)-like MADS-box gene in rice (Oryza sativa). Here we show that two null mutations of OsMADS14 result in a shrunken and chalky grain phenotype. It is caused by obviously defective compound starch granules and a significantly reduced content of both total starch and amylose in the endosperm.

Transcriptomic profiling analyses revealed that the loss-of-function of OsMADS14 leads to significantly downregulated expression of many core starch synthesis genes, including OsAGPL2 and Waxy. Both in vitro and in vivo assays demonstrate that the OsMADS14 protein directly binds to stretches of DNA with a CArG-box consensus in the putative regulatory regions of OsAGPL2 and Waxy. Protein–protein interaction experiments also suggest that OsMADS14 interacts with nuclear factor NF-YB1 to promote the transcription of OsAGPL2 and Waxy.

Our study thus demonstrates that OsMADS14 plays an essential role in the synthesis of storage starch and provides novel insights into the underlying molecular mechanism that may be used to improve rice cultivars by molecular breeding. 




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