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Overexpression of Taetr1-1 promotes enhanced seed dormancy and ethylene insensitivity in wheat
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Wei J, Wu XT, Li XY, Soppe WJJ, Cao H*, Liu YX*
PubYear : 2023
Volume : 258  Issue : 3
Publication Name : Planta
Page number : 56
Abstract : 

Lots of wheat cultivars have weak dormant seed. Weak seed dormancy can cause pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) in grain which significantly reduces grain yield and quality. The mining of causal genes of PHS resistance will serve to enhance breeding selection and cultivar development. In a previous study in Arabidopsis, we identified reduced dormancy 3 as a loss-of-function mutant of the ethylene receptor 1 (ETR1), which can control seed dormancy through the ERF12–TPL–DOG1 pathway. However, it is unknown whether ETR1 also functions in the regulation of wheat seed dormancy. To identify the regulatory role of ETR1 in wheat, we cloned TaETR1 and overexpressed the gain-of-function mutant Taetr1-1. The result indicated that overexpression of Taetr1-1 can promote enhanced seed dormancy and ethylene insensitivity in wheat. This study contributed to our understanding of the molecular basis for the regulation of wheat PHS resistance.

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