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Multiple domestications of Asian rice
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Jing CY#, Zhang FM#, Wang XH#, Wang MX#, Zhou L, Cai Z, Han JD, Geng MF, Yu WH, Jiao ZH, Huang L, Liu R, Zheng XM, Meng QL, Ren NN, Zhang HX, Du YS, Wang X, Qiang CG, Zou XH, Gaut BS, Ge S*
PubYear : 2023
Volume : 9  Issue : 8
Publication Name : Nature Plants
Page number : 1221–1235
Abstract : 

The origin of domesticated Asian rice (Oryza sativa L.) has been controversial for more than half a century. The debates have focused on two leading hypotheses: a single domestication event in China or multiple domestication events in geographically separate areas. These two hypotheses differ in their predicted history of genes/alleles selected during domestication. Here we amassed a dataset of 1,578 resequenced genomes, including an expanded sample of wild rice from throughout its geographic range. We identified 993 selected genes that generated phylogenetic trees on which japonica and indica formed a monophyletic group, suggesting that the domestication alleles of these genes originated only once in either japonica or indica. Importantly, the domestication alleles of most selected genes (~80%) stemmed from wild rice in China, but the domestication alleles of a substantial minority of selected genes (~20%) originated from wild rice in South and Southeast Asia, demonstrating separate domestication events of Asian rice.

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