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The SOD7/DPA4-GIF1 module coordinates organ growth and iron uptake in Arabidopsis
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Zheng LY#, Wu HL#, Wang AB#, Zhang YY, Liu ZP, Ling HQ*, Song XJ*, Li YH*
PubYear : 2023
Volume : 9  Issue : 8
Publication Name : Nature Plants
Page number : 1318–1332
Abstract : 

Organ growth is controlled by both intrinsic genetic factors and external environmental signals. However, the molecular mechanisms that coordinate plant organ growth and nutrient supply remain largely unknown. We have previously reported that the B3 domain transcriptional repressor SOD7 (NGAL2) and its closest homologue DPA4 (NGAL3) act redundantly to limit organ and seed growth in Arabidopsis. Here we report that SOD7 represses the interaction between the transcriptional coactivator GRF-INTERACTING FACTOR 1 (GIF1) and growth-regulating factors (GRFs) by competitively interacting with GIF1, thereby limiting organ and seed growth. We further reveal that GIF1 physically interacts with FER-LIKE IRON DEFICIENCY-INDUCED TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR (FIT), which acts as a central regulator of iron uptake and homeostasis. SOD7 can competitively repress the interaction of GIF1 with FIT to influence iron uptake and responses. The sod7-2 dpa4-3 mutant enhances the expression of genes involved in iron uptake and displays high iron accumulation. Genetic analyses support that GIF1 functions downstream of SOD7 to regulate organ and seed growth as well as iron uptake and responses. Thus, our findings define a previously unrecognized mechanism that the SOD7/DPA4–GIF1 module coordinates organ growth and iron uptake by targeting key regulators of growth and iron uptake.

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