Aridity and NPP constrain contribution of microbial necromass to soil organic carbon in the Qinghai-Tibet alpine grasslands

作  者:Zhang XY, Jia J, Chen LT, Chu HY, He JS, Zhang YJ, Feng XJ*
刊物名称:Soil Biology and Biochemistry
卷:156  期:  页码:108213


Microbial necromass carbon (MNC) is key to soil organic carbon (SOC) storage. However, mechanisms regulating MNC accumulation on large scales are poorly understood. Here we provide the first batch of regional-scale MNC data based on amino sugars for the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau alpine grasslands. We show that Qinghai-Tibet grasslands have similar microbial biomass carbon (MBC) but lower MNC concentrations in SOC than Mongolian and other grasslands. The low contribution of MNC to SOC is mainly attributed to high aridity and low net primary productivity of the Qinghai-Tibet grasslands. Our findings highlight climatic and plant influences on MNC accumulation at regional scales.